Vid Skill: Leadership Skills

There are hundreds of hours of free, quality instructional videos on the internet. At the same time, there are exponentially more hours of terrible content. The goal of these posts is to share several videos about a specific topic that are worth your time. See Generally has no affiliation with any of the shared links.


Anyone take Leadership 101 in law school? 

Me neither. 

But learning how to be a quality leader as an attorney can pay huge dividends. Your office will be more productive and less miserable. It will help your client relationships. It will help your courtroom presence. It will help your career and interactions with the community. It was also make you feel more comfortable in the various roles you will play as a lawyer. 

Here are my three video picks for improving your baseline leadership skills right now:

Essential Leadership Skills by Science of People  



 How to Become a Better Manager at Work by Bernd Geropp

What It Takes to Be a Great Leader by Harvard Business Review